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The Podcast For The People and Businesses of the Communities from Delta to Hope, BC!

Want to be a guest?

Why are we asking you to fill this out? We all work virtually, so this form sends a copy of this information to all members of our Team. It also keeps all the information in one place, and makes sure we haven’t forgotten anything. Saves everyone time. 

We invite guests from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints. Each of you bring a different perspective to the topic or questions for each episode. While we may not focus directly on your business or project, we believe that your business or project gives you a unique perspective on issues, and one that is shared by many others in our Valley.

We do not charge for interviews or regular episodes. We’re just interested in YOU. There is no other obligation. Being a Guest is not the same as being a Sponsor, but we hope you will also consider sponsoring us. (More information coming soon.)

Our format typically revolves around three to five talking points per episode, all focused on a simple theme. As a business person, elected official, public servant, resident, and consumer in the Fraser Valley, these questions represent an opportunity for you to share this unique perspective with our listeners. We will typically share these talking points with our Guests in advance, and sometimes with our listeners as we advertise upcoming shows.

While we invite all guests and callers to speak freely, we remind ALL that we refrain from the use of foul, inflammatory or abusive language. If such language persists, the podcast will be stopped and those using such language will be immediately disconnected. Our audience of families, business people, and visitors to the Fraser Valley are interested in progress, answers to questions, and interesting facts, not negativity. Thank you for self-moderating.

The minimum required to do an interview with our system is any option but the last. Bluetooth headsets will not work, nor will the microphone built-in to your computer or laptop. We would like to talk to you on the pre-interview call using the equipment of your choice.


What happens after this?

If you’re selected as a Guest, we will contact you by phone or email. We will then ask you for:

  1. A photo of yourself or your project / business. We may ask for up to 5 or 6 photos, please.
  2. A byline or biography statement. This should be about 250 words.
  3. A link to your book or product. We will always recommend a local vendor, rather than an online vendor. In other words, we would rather refer people to a local business to purchase your book or product, rather than Ama*on, so as to support local retailers.
  4. A written confirmation that you’ve understood the date and time, and the technical requirements. This just means that we’ll ask you to reply to an email stating that you’re confirmed. We also have a brief policies statement, to which all Guests must agree. This is extremely short, and simply asks Guests to practice G-rated language and other basics during recording.
  5. Please go to https://fraservalleyfocus.ca/guest-booking/ and select times for your pre-call and recording.

Please also download a copy of our Guest Marketing Toolkit [PDF], to help you promote your presence on our show, and brag about your episode forever!

If you require technical help in advance of the interview, we can provide that via telephone appointment. Please reach out to Heather Rodland at heather@eventsplusmanagement.com

Occasionally, we may record shows live on location. Please ask Heather about that if you are interested.