In this conversation, we talk with Kathy and Jeanette about teaching as a marketing tool, the NUMBER ONE marketing action you should be doing – or is it the mistake you’re making? – as an independent consultant, the “rules” about relationship marketing, and several common pitfalls that many of us still trip into when marketing our own businesses.


At any time, but especially now, it’s always the most effective thing to focus on what we CAN do, rather than what we CAN’T do, right? Meet Jeanette Martin and Kathy Fester, two locals from the Fraser Valley that have created the very first Gratitude and Appreciation Summit, coming this weekend, October 3rd, 2020.

What is this Summit? What this is really about is putting relationship marketing into practice and creating human connections. If you’re the kind of person who finds some business networking events hollow, perhaps not making true connections with people who share your values, then this event is perfect for you! Imagine an event where the attendees are business people and community members who bring their personal values, tools, and stories of gratitude and appreciation into their life and business practices. We do the best business with people who think like we do! Here’s a unique chance to listen to fantastic speakers who are using the values of gratitude and appreciation to grow their businesses, and to make connections with the other attendees who crave the same sort of opportunity.

Jeanette Martin is the energy behind MYBC Consulting, which stands for “Move Your Bum, Chum” Consulting, by the way! She teaches social media for business through Fraser Valley Continuing Education, and she offers private virtual marketing and relationship-building consulting to clients around the world. Kathy Fester, of K.I.T. (“Keep In Touch”) Communications, has been a K-to-12 teacher for over 30 years, and now specializes in speaking and teaching about relationship marketing. She is also an advocate for fine arts and music education, and uses her approach to arts education to coach clients across Canada, and internationally. Both now work together on the Gratitude and Appreciation Summit.