When was the last time you went to a concert? A huge rock concert in an arena, or a small jazz quartet at a local club? What about a movie in a theatre? How about a food festival? A trade show or conference? Comic book festivals, wine and beer competitions, and yes, even the PNE are all put on hold this year. And many of us really miss those attending those events! The event industry in Canada is a $2 billion a year industry and employs over 12,000 people. This does not include the closely affiliated tourism industry, which is worth an additional $104 billion per year, and supporting the employment of roughly 1 in 10 people nationally in Canada. More than 22 million people came to Canada last year to attend events and contribute to the local economy. This industry has come to a screeching halt, which has cost many secondary and tertiary businesses dearly in the Fraser Valley.

Today we’re going to talk to two industry experts, people who have worked in this business for a very long time in the FV. Brad Styba is the Managing Director, Events & Business Development at TRADEX, which at 120,000 square feet is the largest events venue of its kind in the Fraser Valley. Barb Nelson is the owner of Events Plus Management, which is the owner of the Fraser valley Wedding Festivals and The Westcoast Small Home Expo, as well as other events. Barb is a Langley Native, and has been in the business for over 20 years. She has been involved with several organizations that run festivals and conventions all over the Valley.

Disclosure: Some promotional mentions may be in this podcast. Host is affiliated with the guests and their companies.