This week we have another excellent example of small and local businesses that are keeping themselves afloat during COVID by helping other small and local businesses!

Emmy and Chris Roper, the owners of the Fat Cow and Oyster Bar in north Langley, off 201st ave and 96th ave, faced the same challenges that all small businesses did this past March. But, they met the challenge a little differently.

Sure, they offered takeout and pickup meals, like other restaurants. But they had two other projects that were different than any other restaurant. The first is that they continued to make free meals for seniors, which they then delivered. They did this out of their own pockets, even when they had to lay off most of their staff due to the pandemic, and when sales at the restaurant were down by over 65% from normal. They continued this until their restaurant re-opened for dine-in business.

The second is that because they normally worked with small producers and farmers, they realized these farmers no longer had any way to get their products to market. So, they started a new website called, where you can order local produce plus gourmet grocery items that they source through their wholesale channels, and have them delivered to your door.

On top of all of this, this past Sunday August 23rd, they hosted a fundraiser for another local business, Chuckling Duckling Farm, who suffered a devastating fire on June 16th, and who are working hard to rebuild their physical location as well as their regular business. (You may have heard their story last week on this very podcast.)

BIO of Emmy Roper

Emmy was born and raised in the Fraser Valley, and is trained as a professional dancer. Emmy danced for the Vancouver Grizzlies and the Queen of England before starting a career in the restaurant industry in 2008. Her first restaurant job was where she met her husband Chris Roper. She excelled at every position she was thrown into, and it wasn’t long before she was running the restaurant on her own. In 2012 she co-opened The Fat Cow and Oyster Bar with Chris, and seamlessly took over as General Manager. Emmy is passionate about food, wine, and raising her family. When you come to The Fat Cow and Oyster Bar you will see her love spill out into the dining room. She has trained and assembled a fantastic team to offer an extraordinary dining experience here in the Fraser Valley.