By now, we are all sick of looking at the same four walls. You wouldn’t be the first one to fantasize about putting a little one-room building in your yard, a place to serve as a separate office, a rec room for your noisy teens, or even a meditation studio. Or perhaps (like me!) you want to downsize from your large home and move into a tiny house full time, making your life more about what’s outside your home, rather than the stuff that’s in it!

If full-time life in a tiny house is too great a leap, and you just want an extra room, that’s where Aux Box comes in! You’ve probably seen their little rooms on property in the Fraser Valley and didn’t even know it. Their all-in-one solution delivers a prefabricated standalone single room building to your property. No construction noise or mess, no substandard construction hassles, no mysterious costs.

Bio of Landon Sheck

My guest today is Landon Sheck. Raised in Chemainus, “the little town that did” on beautiful Vancouver Island, a town that knows how to reinvent itself. Landon and his business partner Morgan Seeber build the energy efficient Auxbox indoors, and deliver them for one-day installation to any site in the lower mainland. Landon brings all of his hands-on construction experience and passion to his exciting new business, Aux Box.