If you love to cook, you’ve probably fantasized about running a food truck! The freedom to move to where the people are, the sunshine beaming down on you and your hungry customers, and a flexible menu on a chalkboard that changes with your mood. All of that is pure fantasy, of course. Work in a commercial kitchen is hot, sweaty, and exhausting. Even if that kitchen has wheels under it. But you never know until you try, right?

Well, speaking of trying new things, my guest today is one half of the partnership that spawned Joseph Richard Group – you’ll recognize the names of some of their 25 establishments, names like Oak and Thorne Pub, S and L Kitchen and Bar, the Buck and Ear, The Italian Osteria, the Study, and the Steveston Cafe and Hotel. They are a major employer in the Fraser Valley. And it all began when two besties from elementary school became bartenders, and liked it so much that they decided to open their own establishment. Lately, they’ve rolled into some unusual partnerships and projects, like a popup patisserie, or offering brunch kits for making special meals at home, opening up their parking lot to a plant company, and, last but not least, a food truck. It’s not what you may think, however! 

Today we have a chance to pick the brain of an entrepreneur who has walked a sometimes crazy road to build his company. With plenty of lessons like partnering with other businesses, supporting indie makers, and keeping employees engaged in tough times, this guy has some pretty interesting stories that have taught valuable lessons.

Please welcome my Guest, Ryan Moreno!

Joseph Richard group of restaurants and more: https://www.jrghospitality.ca/

Phoenix Society story about partnering with JRGroup: https://phoenixsociety.com/news/phoenix-society-partners-with-joseph-richard-group/

Phoenix Flame BBQ truck on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PhxFlameBBQ




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Additional Music in this episode from FreeMusicArchive.org, Crowander, “Joy In The Restaurant“.