It’s very possible that you’ve spent more time at home this year than you have in the last few years combined. Most of us have been self-isolating, and nesting into our houses, apartments, condos, and any other place we call home. And it looks like we’re going to be spending a lot more time there in the next few months. This has been an excellent opportunity for all of us to re-evaluate our priorities and examine what we need from our homes, everything from rearranging furniture for the 100th time, all the way to deciding if we want a new home of a different sort. What if we want a larger home, or possibly want something smaller as we age and the kids leave home? And, what about those who have chosen a less traditional definition of their home? What are our options?

Many of us have heard about options like tiny houses, co-housing, or perhaps we want something more rural and large enough to accommodate all the members of our extended family under one roof. What trends currently affect the housing market, and what are the possible options for housing that our experts have seen lately?

Today’s guest is a woman passionate about housing. She now spends her time working to bring experts in housing and economics and lifestyle together to help people understand the broader range of options. I’m so glad to be here today speaking with Liza Rogers, the Founder of WREN, the Women’s Real Estate Network, and the producer of the Victoria Real Estate Investment Expo.