Fraser Valley Focus

The Podcast For The People and Businesses of the Communities from Delta to Hope, BC!

Guest Booking


Here’s where you can pick a time for recording with me, Peggy. Please choose the type of appointment you need, click on the date, and the system will prompt you to choose a time.

Questions? Please email Peggy at peggy@fraservalleyfocus.ca.

Appointment Type 1: 15-30 Minute Pre-Interview Call
This appointment is mandatory for planning our recorded session. This meeting will not be recorded. We use this time to decide on an approach for your interview or recording, get a little background information, check any technical needs, and confirm that I have everything I need before we begin. This appointment should ideally be scheduled a few days before the recording date. This calendar tool will book 30 minutes for this call.

Appointment Type 2: 60 Minute Episode Recording Session
This appointment is for recording the actual podcast session. It does not take place on a regular phone. Please ensure that you are in a quiet location, and some suggestions for this will be in your summary document. You will need a laptop or smartphone, and at minimum, a corded headset with a microphone in it. (Like the one that came with your smartphone.) Even better, if you have a quality microphone available, please have it plugged in and ready to test at the start of this appointment. Please allow one hour, even though it’s likely less time will be used. This calendar tool will book 60 minutes for this call.

Appointment Type 3: 15 Minute Call – Any Purpose
Just in case you need to book an additional call with Peggy.