(Tip: Listen until the very end of this episode to hear Kathleen’s crazy story about returning home to Canada from China at the start of the Pandemic in March 2020!)

One of the best things about the Fraser Valley is how multicultural we are! As a kid, I recall being grateful from a very early age that I had friends who not only had different languages from me, but also different customs, religions, and (best of all) wonderful food!

If you are new to Canada, English might seem a daunting language to learn, and it can be difficult for a teacher of English to understand your feelings about being in an unfamiliar country. But Kathleen O’Neill does understand that feeling, because she’s spent years working overseas immersing herself in local culture, so she knows firsthand the challenges that newcomers face. Today, we’re going to talk about how Kathleen enjoys teaching English, and some of the challenges for newcomers to the Fraser Valley.

Kathleen’s combined passion for travelling and languages made becoming a TEFL/TESOL certified ESL teacher an easy choice for her. Kathleen is fluent in both English and French.  Following Kathleen’s graduation from the Canadian College of Linguistics, she pursued her teaching career for nearly 4 years overseas in China, where she polished her skills speaking Mandarin. After teaching English to all levels from preschoolers to adults, and privately tutoring students for international university entrance exams, Kathleen is back living in Canada. She now teaches English for business at Fraser Valley Continuing Education, based in downtown Langley.