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Month: March 2021

Reducing Your Plastic Consumption with Salina Derish of Pick Eco Zero Waste Grocery Store in Chilliwack

While some plastic use is absolutely necessary and saves lives, such as in the medical field, others are totally optional. What if you could reduce your plastic use by 20%? 50%? What if our ultimate goal was over 90%? Here to talk to us today about this very real possibility is a woman who puts her money where her mouth is. With her husband, she’s the owner of a new retail store that not only offers refillable packaging on things like bulk foods, but also things like shampoo, household cleaners, coffee, and much more. They also own and operate a commercial composting company that picks up from stores and residential developments. Please welcome the owner of the ZERO-WASTE grocery store “Pick Eco Refills” in Chilliwack, Salina Derish.

Interview With Fraser Valley-Based Hip-Hop And Spoken Word Artist Saint Soldier

There are not many things that are more representative of our Valley than our music. My Guest today Saint Soldier, is, like many of us, an immigrant to Canada, originally from India. His work is collaborative, beautiful, and both soft and energetic at the same time. Leaning more towards smooth grooves than the American influences of the big name hip-hop artists, he has carved out a niche for himself that has broad appeal, while staying true to his culture and his roots. His lyrics are thoughtful, grateful, and positive. He has also taught the art of spoken word poetry in local middle schools, to kids of all cultures.